Ground Zero: A Memorial to Honor the Victims of WCT’s Tragedy

Ground ZeroThe horrible tragedy of September 11th, 2001 turned upside down the lives of many people worldwide. Someone has lost his friends and family members during the terroristic attack in the World Trade Centre while the others were shocked by the fact a lot of people died in vain. To honor the victims of the dreadful event tourists of New York City can visit the six-hectare museum opened in the same location where were standing the former tallest skylines of NY – twin towers of the World Trade Centre.

You as millions of locals and foreigners can become the witness of devastating views of the spot which was one of the symbols of New York and join the memory tours including observing of the massive exhibition reflecting the events of 2003. Back to those days the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation announced a competition to get a design for a future memorial at the former address of the WTC. More than 5 thousands submissions were sent from more than 60 countries. In 2004 was unveiled the future design of the WTC memorial – a civic plaza with two giant voids pointed out by footprints to emphasize the exact location where were standing the twin towers.

Memorial to Honor the Victims of WCT’s Tragedy This area is called the Ground Zero and it is public-open letting everyone honor the victims of this tragedy.Nearby the Ground Zero is housed the Tribute Center which provides tours around the zone’s perimeters in order to show the great community’s contribution into the liquidation of severe aftermath destruction.

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Visit the Statue of Liberty as the American Nation’s Symbol

Statue of Liberty Any classic touristic path in New York includes visiting the Liberty Island where was erected the world-famous symbol of the American nation – the Statue of Liberty. You will be offered to get to the Liberty Island by a ferry from New Jersey and that can become one of the most remarkable memories you take home from New York.

The Statue of liberty is, without doubt, the world’s ultimate symbol of democracy and freedom at least for all people rooted from the USA. In the past this hilarious monument was the first American landmark thousands of immigrants noticed after passing trough the Ellis Island Centre in New York. No wonder this monument sculptured in 1886 by the outstanding artist Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi was immortalized in numerous novels, poems and songs created by immigrants who inhabited the New York City.

Initially the Statue of Liberty served as the symbol of stable alliance between two countries – the USA and France. Since those times its assignment has become broader and nowadays this landmark is foremost a symbol of democracy and freedom of the American citizens.
American Nation’s SymbolUsually the excursion to the Statue of Liberty includes visiting of two islands – the Liberty Island where the statue is settled and the Ellis Island where tourists can attend the museum keeping data about the first waves of the immigrants.  An excursion also includes walking up more than 350 steps to get a close-up of the Statue’s crown. Such tour can’t be avoided if you really want to immerse in the historic heritage of New York.

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Metropolitan Museum of Art as a Spectacular Cultural Heritage

Metropolitan Museum of Art No matter if you are a local New Yorker or a foreign tourist who has just started to find out the major attractions of amenities of this captivating city – you should attend one of the world’s greatest art galleries and museums – the Metropolitan Museum. This cultural gem is settled close to other historic sites of New York – few steps from the grand Central Park and the ultimate fashionable landmark of the Fifth Avenue.

The Metropolitan Museum is a magnificent building containing thousands of fine art works and priceless items you will be able to see on your own if you drop into the historic landmark occupying the large territory – more than 2 millions square feet. If you are on a guide tour make sure you will be able to observe such remarkable masterpieces as the Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Hokusai or valuable art piece Madonna and Child by Duccio. This museum offers multiple exhibitions and it make take you weeks to enjoy them all, so try to choose a classic touristic path in the Metropolitan Museum during your first visit.

Metropolitan Museum  of NY More than two millions of fine art works are kept within the vaults of the Metropolitan Museum of Art so you need to prepare to be guided by museum’s security staff during your tour. However, nothing is able to spoil your impressions from visiting one of the most called-for museums in the world keeping under one roof the stunning authentic works by Van Gogh, Picasso, Renoir and Monet.

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Empire State Building: the Tallest Landmark of New-York

Empire State BuildingIf you pay a visit to the world’s most interesting city – New York – you can’t miss a chance to attend the tallest building in this cosmopolitan megalopolis – the Empire State Building. This fascinating NY landmark was erected in 1931 and since those days thousands of tourists annually visit this hilarious Manhattan’s attraction. To enjoy a panoramic view of magnificent New York at day or night you can take the elevator and lift up straight to the eighty-sixth floor to visit a huge observation deck letting watch the busy life of New York from 1.500 feet above the ground level.

Observing New York from the Empire State Building’s deck you will be able to enjoy amenities of the famous spots among tourists – the 34th Street and the Fifth Avenue. You will also get to know detailed information and interesting facts from the history of this landmark if you choose to join one of multiple guide tours organized for foreigners and tourists who visit the Empire State building for the first time.Empire State New York

If you are going to get to the Empire State Observatory prepare to wake up early to avoid waiting in few lines before getting inside this building’s elevator. However, even if you are unlucky to get stuck in queues visiting the Empire State Building’s Observatory is definitely worth of any second of your expectation.

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New York’s Central Park Activities and Amenities

Central Park NYCCentral Park in NYC is one of the most popular outdoor urban locations where the native New Yorkers and foreign guests like to spend their weekends, holidays and vacations by arranging picnics or going for sports activities. This public location which covers above 840 acres of NY’s land attracts more than 20 millions of tourists annually as one of the most called-for sites of the Big Apple.

Central Park was founded in the mid-1800s and since those times till nowadays became a TV star “featuring” as a live set in many classic and up-to-date movies and TV shows. After being designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1963 Central Park became an ultimate “green” outdoor public space, “the Heart of the City” where New Yorkers and guests of this huge megalopolis come to have a picnic or enjoy the multiple entertaining facilities and amenities Central Park can offer. Central Park

One of the key facilities for tourists visiting Central Park is an arrangement of photo and guide tours explaining the history of this unique location. Among other popular activities in Central Park are visiting of Zoo with two dozens of playgrounds for kids, music festivals and open-air performances, classic carriage rides, bike rentals and sports competitions, the Strawberry Fields, few historic memorials and the Central Park Carousel’s rides for adults and children.

Central Park is a must-visit location if you are lucky to spend a vacation in New York with family or friends.

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Broadway: the Most Famous Street in Manhattan

BroadWayDespite the breakthrough innovations in cinema verse with appearance of stunning IMAX and 3D-format movies, the world-famous Broadway theaters stay the most called-for cultural locations among the local citizens and guests of New York City. “The Cats”, “Wicked”, “Billy Elliot”, “The Phantom of the Opera”, “Chicago” are still the most popular Broadway shows in a row.

Not numerous landmarks of New York can compete with tourists’ fever when it comes to an opening of a new theatrical season with demonstration of the first shows of new musicals.

Nowadays it is very hard to believe that more than forty original theatres of Broadway featuring appearance of high-profile actors, directors and world-famous costumes and sets rooted from the 1700’s when the first stage for theatrical performances of the classic Shakespeare plays was constructed on Massau Street.

the Most Famous Street in Manhattan Right now Broadway is a hospitable homeland for thousands of artists working hard to create classic and experimental theatrical performances and entertain masses of tourists coming from all over the world to watch these stunning shows.

Undoubtedly, Broadway with its famous streets where thousands of celebrities in different cultural and scientific spheres of life left the pavement stars with their autographs and names is a must-to-visit place even if you have only few days to enjoy the multiple amenities of NYC.

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