Broadway: the Most Famous Street in Manhattan

BroadWayDespite the breakthrough innovations in cinema verse with appearance of stunning IMAX and 3D-format movies, the world-famous Broadway theaters stay the most called-for cultural locations among the local citizens and guests of New York City. “The Cats”, “Wicked”, “Billy Elliot”, “The Phantom of the Opera”, “Chicago” are still the most popular Broadway shows in a row.

Not numerous landmarks of New York can compete with tourists’ fever when it comes to an opening of a new theatrical season with demonstration of the first shows of new musicals.

Nowadays it is very hard to believe that more than forty original theatres of Broadway featuring appearance of high-profile actors, directors and world-famous costumes and sets rooted from the 1700’s when the first stage for theatrical performances of the classic Shakespeare plays was constructed on Massau Street.

the Most Famous Street in Manhattan Right now Broadway is a hospitable homeland for thousands of artists working hard to create classic and experimental theatrical performances and entertain masses of tourists coming from all over the world to watch these stunning shows.

Undoubtedly, Broadway with its famous streets where thousands of celebrities in different cultural and scientific spheres of life left the pavement stars with their autographs and names is a must-to-visit place even if you have only few days to enjoy the multiple amenities of NYC.

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  1. Lorice Cascella says:

    I loved the pictures of New York, especially the one of Ground Zero Memorial at night. How can I get a copy of that picture……I would like to have one to frame to hang at home. That picture is beautiful.

    Lorice Cascella

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