Empire State Building: the Tallest Landmark of New-York

Empire State BuildingIf you pay a visit to the world’s most interesting city – New York – you can’t miss a chance to attend the tallest building in this cosmopolitan megalopolis – the Empire State Building. This fascinating NY landmark was erected in 1931 and since those days thousands of tourists annually visit this hilarious Manhattan’s attraction. To enjoy a panoramic view of magnificent New York at day or night you can take the elevator and lift up straight to the eighty-sixth floor to visit a huge observation deck letting watch the busy life of New York from 1.500 feet above the ground level.

Observing New York from the Empire State Building’s deck you will be able to enjoy amenities of the famous spots among tourists – the 34th Street and the Fifth Avenue. You will also get to know detailed information and interesting facts from the history of this landmark if you choose to join one of multiple guide tours organized for foreigners and tourists who visit the Empire State building for the first time.Empire State New York

If you are going to get to the Empire State Observatory prepare to wake up early to avoid waiting in few lines before getting inside this building’s elevator. However, even if you are unlucky to get stuck in queues visiting the Empire State Building’s Observatory is definitely worth of any second of your expectation.

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    There are no words to descbrie how bodacious this is.

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