Metropolitan Museum of Art as a Spectacular Cultural Heritage

Metropolitan Museum of Art No matter if you are a local New Yorker or a foreign tourist who has just started to find out the major attractions of amenities of this captivating city – you should attend one of the world’s greatest art galleries and museums – the Metropolitan Museum. This cultural gem is settled close to other historic sites of New York – few steps from the grand Central Park and the ultimate fashionable landmark of the Fifth Avenue.

The Metropolitan Museum is a magnificent building containing thousands of fine art works and priceless items you will be able to see on your own if you drop into the historic landmark occupying the large territory – more than 2 millions square feet. If you are on a guide tour make sure you will be able to observe such remarkable masterpieces as the Great Wave Off Kanagawa by Hokusai or valuable art piece Madonna and Child by Duccio. This museum offers multiple exhibitions and it make take you weeks to enjoy them all, so try to choose a classic touristic path in the Metropolitan Museum during your first visit.

Metropolitan Museum  of NY More than two millions of fine art works are kept within the vaults of the Metropolitan Museum of Art so you need to prepare to be guided by museum’s security staff during your tour. However, nothing is able to spoil your impressions from visiting one of the most called-for museums in the world keeping under one roof the stunning authentic works by Van Gogh, Picasso, Renoir and Monet.

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