Ground Zero: A Memorial to Honor the Victims of WCT’s Tragedy

Ground ZeroThe horrible tragedy of September 11th, 2001 turned upside down the lives of many people worldwide. Someone has lost his friends and family members during the terroristic attack in the World Trade Centre while the others were shocked by the fact a lot of people died in vain. To honor the victims of the dreadful event tourists of New York City can visit the six-hectare museum opened in the same location where were standing the former tallest skylines of NY – twin towers of the World Trade Centre.

You as millions of locals and foreigners can become the witness of devastating views of the spot which was one of the symbols of New York and join the memory tours including observing of the massive exhibition reflecting the events of 2003. Back to those days the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation announced a competition to get a design for a future memorial at the former address of the WTC. More than 5 thousands submissions were sent from more than 60 countries. In 2004 was unveiled the future design of the WTC memorial – a civic plaza with two giant voids pointed out by footprints to emphasize the exact location where were standing the twin towers.

Memorial to Honor the Victims of WCT’s Tragedy This area is called the Ground Zero and it is public-open letting everyone honor the victims of this tragedy.Nearby the Ground Zero is housed the Tribute Center which provides tours around the zone’s perimeters in order to show the great community’s contribution into the liquidation of severe aftermath destruction.

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3 Responses to Ground Zero: A Memorial to Honor the Victims of WCT’s Tragedy

  1. Jackie says:

    This is truly beautiful.

  2. beatrice says:

    nothing will replace those victims. but it’s beautiful

  3. paloma kecia says:

    Foi uma tragedia horrivél.
    Fica na lembrança de todos de pessoas increiveis que tiveram que partir…
    Que descance em paz…em memorial as pessoas do 11 de setembro,hoje completanto dez anos daquela terrivel tragedia.

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