Visit the Statue of Liberty as the American Nation’s Symbol

Statue of Liberty Any classic touristic path in New York includes visiting the Liberty Island where was erected the world-famous symbol of the American nation – the Statue of Liberty. You will be offered to get to the Liberty Island by a ferry from New Jersey and that can become one of the most remarkable memories you take home from New York.

The Statue of liberty is, without doubt, the world’s ultimate symbol of democracy and freedom at least for all people rooted from the USA. In the past this hilarious monument was the first American landmark thousands of immigrants noticed after passing trough the Ellis Island Centre in New York. No wonder this monument sculptured in 1886 by the outstanding artist Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi was immortalized in numerous novels, poems and songs created by immigrants who inhabited the New York City.

Initially the Statue of Liberty served as the symbol of stable alliance between two countries – the USA and France. Since those times its assignment has become broader and nowadays this landmark is foremost a symbol of democracy and freedom of the American citizens.
American Nation’s SymbolUsually the excursion to the Statue of Liberty includes visiting of two islands – the Liberty Island where the statue is settled and the Ellis Island where tourists can attend the museum keeping data about the first waves of the immigrants.  An excursion also includes walking up more than 350 steps to get a close-up of the Statue’s crown. Such tour can’t be avoided if you really want to immerse in the historic heritage of New York.

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